Synergy Blends

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Synergy Blends

Essential Oils are often very powerful. However, if the Essential Oils are carefully blended, their individual properties can be greatly enhanced. The "synergy" between the oils becomes much more powerful than the individual oils. Such blends are referred to as Synergy Blends.

Our Essential Oil Blends are 100% natural and pure. Each of the oils is reputed to have distinct properties that work on specific emotional states. However, it is important to note that synergy blends are not medicine in the commonly accepted sense, nor should they be applied directly to the skin. We recommend all our oils be used in dilution, and that they not be ingested.

Please be advised  that the only oils that can be used  without a carrier  oil  is Tea tree and Circulation .. All other oils must NEVER be  used directly on the skin without a carrier oil added to it.  

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